Latest News: April 2012

Indian River County staff continues reluctance in refunding impact fee refunds to deserving county landowners, FL - April 28, 2012
The yearlong political saga over impact fee refunds has finally come to an end. We can now separate facts from politics. We begin with the very existence of refunds. Originally Indian River County staff claimed that there were no refunds. Community Development Director Bob Keating, Budget ...

Kane can't lower fees to spur development
Daily Herald, IL - April 27, 2012
Just wanting to stimulate the economy and create local jobs isn't a good enough reason to lower Kane County's fees on new homes and businesses. A new legal opinion Thursday stymied county board members' efforts to agree on how much they should reduce road impact fee rates. The county ...

Kane County could reduce impact fee to spark growth
Daily Herald, IL - April 24, 2012
At least some reduction in the fees Kane County charges developers and businesses looking to locate within its borders is likely after a lengthy debate by elected officials Monday. But a chasm still remains among board members who disagree on what effect the fees really have on economic ...

Impact fees, Measure A extension on Chico school board agenda
Chico Enterprise-Record, CA - April 17, 2012
A hike in developer fees and a proposal to extend a previously voter-approved bond, will both come before the Chico Unified School District board of trustees on Wednesday. Developer fees, or so called "impact fees," are funds collected at the time a building is constructed. The fees are meant ...

County Commission Decision Coming On Extending Impact Fee Moratorium
The Ledger, FL - April 14, 2012
Polk County commissioners agreed Friday to hold a public hearing May 15 to decide whether to extend the impact fee moratorium. Commissioners imposed a moratorium on transportation, parks, jail, police, ambulance service and libraries that went into effect Aug. 1, 2010. They later voted ...

Impact fee pits roads against development
Kane County Chronicle, IL - April 13, 2012
But like most in the county, Michels, who is village president of Sugar Grove, also will tell of his desire to do everything possible to bring more businesses – and the jobs that come with them – to his hometown and the rest of the county. With that in mind, Michels said he doesn’t envy the tough ...

To fee or not to fee
Crestview News Bulletin, FL - April 11, 2012
City officials say they’re caught between making Crestview attractive to developers and businesses and needing impact fees to help pay for the added burden new projects place on city infrastructure. Putting a moratorium on some of the city’s impact fees could encourage growth yet allow ...

Push for more independent review of St. Petersburg impact fees takes detour
Tampa Times, FL - April 11, 2012
Earlier this year city leaders sought more accountability in the collection of impact fees after a miscalculation that cost taxpayers nearly $160,000. In a push for clarity to prevent similar mistakes, the City Council voted Jan. 12 to order an outside audit of all transportation impact fees ...

Locals weigh in on Kane County impact fee debate
Chicag Daily Herald, IL - April 10, 2012
For Kane County Board District 22 candidate Bob Getz, the focus of Kane County’s debate about impact fees should focus on comments like the one submitted by the Village of Hampshire in a recent letter. “We feel as if we are at a competitive disadvantage when competing against our neighbors ...

Impact fee vs. taxes debate to continue in Kane
Chicago Daily Herald, IL - April 6, 2012
The burden of paying for road improvements needed because of new development in Kane County will either shift toward businesses or current taxpayers as county officials reexamine local impact fees. Kane is one of only two local counties — DuPage is the other — to charge impact fees on ...

Kane board members fear county fee may be hurting development
Aurora Beaco News, IL - April 5, 2012
Kane County Board members are raising concerns that the county's impact fee on developers who bring in new businesses actually may be prompting businesses to move to other counties. "I've received quite a bit of correspondence within my district," said board member TR Smith, R- ...

Over $127M in spending may add fuel to lawsuit asserting misuse of Portland funds
KOIN Locall 6, OR - April 5, 2012
Portland's city attorney has compiled a detailed list of more than $127 million in recent spending by the water and sewer bureaus that could be challenged by legal action to block misuse of ratepayers' dollars. The largest items on the list include more than $53 million transferred to the city ...

County explores Sandy Creek impact fee plan, FL - April 4, 2012
Bay County has found money that could help alleviate burdensome impact fees for Sandy Creek residents, but not all the commissioners are ready to give it away.  Callaway's purchase of the beleaguered utility company saved customers from a massive rate hike, but still left them with a hefty bill ...

Orland development proceeding with caution
Orland Press-Register, CA - April 4, 2012
Orland's development impact fees to offset the city's rising costs of infrastructure and service will not likely be going up very soon. The City Council wants the Orland Planning Commission to discuss facility and growth goals with Interim Planner Scott Friend and come back with ...


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