Latest News: May 2011

Hiller's suggestion to suspend Collier impact fees shot down
Naples Daily News, FL - May 24, 2011
Collier Commissioner Georgia Hiller called this afternoon for a moratorium on charging developers impact fees to pay for growth. The suggestion, roundly rejected by other commissioners, came during a related vote to add new categories of development to the county's impact fee law. Commissioners said the county needed to keep charging impact fees, which pay for items like roads and parks, to encourage ... ...

Xchange gives $1M to expand firehouse; mayor mulls new school
The Hudson Reporter, NY - May 22, 2011
The town plans to break ground this year on an expansion for the Washington Hook and Ladder Company on County Avenue. Much of the cost of this expansion – $1.1 million – has been donated to the town by the developers of the Xchange at Secaucus Junction housing complex in the south end of town.

Spanish Fork OKs impact fees for fire stations
Salt Lake Tribune, UT - May 19, 2011
Spanish Fork • In the future, new residents will have to pay for the fire protection they will require. The City Council unanimously authorized the city Tuesday to collect a public-safety impact fee. The fee would be used to pay for additional fire stations that would be built as the population grows. "If our growth continues,

Impact fee cuts possible
Northwest Herald, IL - May 19, 2011
City Council members continue to grapple with a proposed annexation agreement with local developers seeking a 50 percent reduction in the city’s impact fees. At Thursday night’s Committee of the Whole meeting, local school district leaders cautioned the city against the proposed reduction of impact fees. ...

County should rethink need for new road-funding task force
Orlando Sentinel, FL - May 13, 2011
Creating another "task force" to find money for road building and repair in Lake County is just a form of game-playing to "take us to the next election cycle," a former member of the county's Impact Fee Committee fussed after Sunday's column about a new task force. Virgil Clark, who represented south Lake, said the

Gilbert projects in jeopardy due to impact-fee limits
Arizona Republic, AZ - May 12, 2011
Gilbert could lose a primary funding source for several major parks projects because new state legislation limits impact fees charged to homebuilders to help pay for growth-related infrastructure. A new riparian preserve, two aquatic centers and two large parks in Gilbert's Capital Improvement Plan were expected ...

No linkage fee relief in sight
Gunnison Country Times, CO - May 12, 2011
For a group of contractors and one County Commissioner, it seemed like a reasonable proposal: To take a temporary time-out from Gunnison County’s workforce linkage fee to help spur building activity. But Gunnison County’s two Democratic Commissioners, who enacted the controversial affordable housing ...

Plan for more units at Cranford's Riverfront draws $756000 fee
Cranford Chronicle, NJ - May 10, 2011
A plan to allow the developer of the Riverfront Redevelopment Project to construct an additional 18 units at the site in exchange for an impact fee has drawn criticism from two former mayors, both of whom worked on the deal that set the parameters for the project. ...

Hall board votes to delay collection of impact fees
Gainesville Times, GA - May 9, 2011
Hall County is changing the process for collecting impact fees. The Board of Commissioners decided Monday to revise the impact fee ordinance, which would change the timeline for paying the fee. Instead of paying at the beginning of the construction process ...

Impact-fee law restricts ability to expand parks
AZ, AZ - May 9, 2011
Once all of the public-safety responsibilities are funded, parks are one of the most important services and amenities the town of Gilbert provides to its residents. For proof of this, just drive by any of our parks in the evening or on Saturdays, Sundays and ...

Cedar Lake will have to wait a year to collect fees to grow parks
Post-Tribune - May 9, 2011
The impact fee is determined by a formula that establishes the current open space and level of service against where the town should be for open space and service compared to other communities of its size. The resulting information is the deficiency, ...

City considers extending fee waivers
Daily Commercial, FL - May 9, 2011
City leaders will consider extending a one-year waiver on impact fees, up to $100,000 for all projects within the city limits. They hope the extension accelerates economic development and the construction of businesses and homes. The first reading for the ...

Impact-fee bill could stall Chandler improvements
Arizona Republic, AZ - May 8, 2011
The future of promised parks and improved roads in newer parts of Chandler is in question as city leaders grapple with legislation that restricts how they can collect and spend development-impact fees. But things could have been worse, they agree. Earlier ...

Closing the Proffer Loophole?
Mount Vernon Gazette, VA - May 7, 2011
The next time a line of cars snarls traffic on Richmond Highway, consider the humble impact fee. It's a way that the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors could have forced Wal-Mart to pay for a left turn lane that would have eased the massive gridlock that's ...

Impact fee rules to have little effect on Cottonwood
Verde Independent, AZ - May 4, 2011
New legislation limits the free hand cities and towns in Arizona have had to impose impact fees. The law, patterned after a conservative Texas law, takes away what has been an almost unregulated discretion about what to charge and how much. Impact fees ...

Homebuilders hail law easing impact fees
AZ, AZ - May 3, 2011
Cities and towns across Arizona will have a harder time requiring developers to pay for everything from infrastructure to services under legislation signed by Gov. Jan Brewer. The legislation, Senate Bill 1525, puts a temporary end to a six-year fight between ...

New state law sharply limits impact fees
Payson Roundup, AZ - May 3, 2011
Payson may face major budget problems in coming up with the money for water facilities, parks and police under the terms of a legislative crackdown on impact fees signed into law last week. Gov. Jan Brewer last week signed SB 1525, which imposes tough ...

County ups road upgrade fee
Leavenworth Times, KS - May 3, 2011
The Leavenworth County Commission voted Monday to increase the amount some property owners pay to improve local roads when they apply for a building permit. According to Jeff Joseph, county director of planning and zoning, the road impact fee has been increased by $250 each year since 1999 in order to recoup ...

Impact fee law's impact uncertain
Kingman Daily Miner, AZ - May 2, 2011
Legislation signed by Gov. Jan Brewer Tuesday that limits the ability of cities to assess impact fees looks like a victory for local homebuilders, but the jury is still out. The law, which will take effect Dec. 31, makes it so cities must come up with specific plans that outline needed improvements for new subdivisions before assessing fees. Rules that allow cities to charge impact fees for new police and fire stations as well as ...


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