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State Impact Fee Enabling Acts, Mullen (August 2012)
Statutes and Legislative Information by State, Cornell Univ. Law School

Financing Growth in Shelby County, Who Should Pay? Sarver (2003)
Baldwin County Impact Fee Enabling Act (2003)

Development Impact Fees, Maricopa County (2002)
States Adopt Varied Impact Fee Policies (1996)

Arkansas Development Impact Fees Act (SB 620)

Exactions and Impact Fees in California (2001)
Pay to Play: Residential Development Fees in California Cities and Counties, (1999)
Statewide Community Infrastructure Program (SCIP)
A Short Overview of Development Impact Fees, Brown (2003)
Financing Cities, League of California Cities (2004)

Southwest Colorado Impact Fee Studies, Office of Smart Growth (2004)
Colorado Development Fee Act: Local Conditional Fiscal Impact (2001)
Impact Fees and Colorado's Water and Wastewater Utilities, Mumm (2001)

Connecticut Position Paper: Impact Fees, CTAPA (2003)
Case Law Regarding Development Impact Fees, Rappa (2002)
How Development Fees Affect Residential Development, Rappa (2002)
Comparison of State Impact Fee Statutes, Rappa (2002)
Imposing Development Impact Fees for Schools on Retirement Communities, Rappa (2002)

Delaware State Impact Fee Act (Chapter 91)
Livable Delaware Agenda

Land Use Choices: Empirical Investigation of Development Impact Fees in Florida, Jeong (2004)
Funding Challenges and Opportunities in a Growing Tourist Destination: Broward, Tosun (2004)
Impact Fees, Halas (2002)
How Florida Counties Compare (2001)

Impact Fees, Georgia Department of Community Affairs - links to several publications
County Government Information Catalog, Georgia Department of Community Affairs (2003)
Municipal Government Information Catalog, Georgia Department of Community Affairs (2003)
Development Impact Fees in Georgia, Olsen (2000)
Georgia Development Fees Act (HR 260)
Development Impact Fees: A Quick Introduction, League of Women Voters (2004)
General Overview of Impact Fees, Volume 1, Georgia Department of Community Affairs (1992)
An Analysis of Development Impact Fees in Georgia, Edge (2004)
An Investigation of Impact Fees in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Toner (2005)

Impact Fees in Hawaii, Nicholas and Davidson (1992)
Paying for Growth in Hawaii, Davidson and Usagawa (1998)
Hawaii School Task Force Working Group

Idaho Development Fees Act, (Chapter 87)

Impact fees / Amendment to Illinois Highway Code, Larsen and Zimet (1988)
Impact Fees: Round Two with the Illinois Highway Code, Larsen and Zimet (1989)
Development Impact Fees, McLean County Regional Planning Commission (2002)

Financing Infrastructure Improvements through Impact Fees, State Planning Office (2003)
Maine Impact Fee Act, (1991)
Negotiations or Impact Fees, Starn (1989)

Managing Growth: Impact Fees and Excise Taxes in Maryland (2011)
Whether Impact Fees May Be Used to Defray Cost of Police and Fire Services, Rollins (2004)

The Bizzarre Journey of Impact Fees in Massachusetts, O'Brien (2001)
Model Impact Fee Bylaw, Cape Cod Commission

Development Impact Fees in Michigan, Imus and Coyne (2003)

Development Impact Fees for Minnesota? Review of Principles and Practices, UM (1999)
Local Road Tax Options: Is Minnesota Really That Different? University of Minnesota (2006)

Mississippi Development Impact Fee Act, (died in committee)
Mississippi Circuit Court Knocks Down Local Impact Fee Ordinance

Impact Fees for Teachers, Montana Associated Technology Roundtable (2004)
Montana Impact Fee Act

Nevada Impact Fee Act, (NRS 278B)

New Hampshire:
Impact Fee Development for New Hampshire Communities, Southern NH Planning Comm. (1999)
Impact Fees: A Blueprint for Frustration, Newman (2005)

New Jersey:
Impact Fees: Smart Growth Recommendations from New Jersey Future, NJ Future (2004)

New York:
New York's Exacting Tests for Regulatory Takings, Nolon and Bacher (2003)
Local Impact Fees; Home Rule Powers Should Permit Municipalities To Act, Armentano (1999)

Impact Fees - Legal for Ohio Cities and Villages, Delaware County Regional Plan Comm (2004)
Development Impact Fees: A Primer, Carrion and Libbby (2004)
Development Impact Fees, Fact Sheet, Ohio State University (2004)

Oregon Law on System Development Charges, Galardi, Smith and McVey (2003)
The Costs of Growth in Oregon, Fodor (1998)
72nd Oregon Legislative Assembly

Rhode Island:
Rhode Island Development Impact Fee Act (Chapter 508)

South Carolina:
Financing Government: Using Fees and Charges, Ulbrich (1997)
Funding Government in South Carolina: Fees and Charges, Ulbrich (2003)

Paying for Growth: Development Taxes and Impact Fees, Young (2002)
Financing Growth in Tennessee: Local Development Taxes and Impact Fees, Green (2004)
Disclosure of Impact Fees Or Adequate Facilities Taxes, TN Association of Realtors (2005)

Texas Impact Fee Enabling Act (Chapter 395)
Impact Fees, Welch and Brown (2005)

Utah Impact Fees Act (Chapter 36)
Will Impact Fees Adversely Affect Growth in Utah?, Crane v. McKay (2001)
Other Recent Utah Cases of Interest in Land Use, Call (2004)
A Brief History of Utah Impact Fee and Exaction Law, Smith and Ellsworth (2000)

Vermont Impact Fee Act (Chapter 131)

Conditional Zoning and Impact Fee Authority in Virginia, VA Div of Legislative Services

Impact Fees, Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington (2003)
Repealing the Negative Effect of Impact Fees, Evergreen Freedom Foundation (2001)
Development Impact Fees for Bellingham, Hodges, et al (2005)

West Virginia:
Impacts of Growth in Jefferson County
West Virginia Law on Impact Fees, (County Local Powers Act)

Wisconsin Impact Fee Act, Assembly Bill 818 (1993)
Sample Impact Fee Report, Hennen (2004)
Best Practices: Local Government User Fees, Joint Legislative Audit Committee (2004)
Impact Fee Revisions, Wisconsin Realtors Association
The Truth About Impact Fees, Loucas


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